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Camping and Campfire Cooking Checklist…

Check and Double-Check

A camping equipment and gear checklist is a tool that even veteran campers use, and it is extra helpful for beginner campers. It only takes one forgotten item; a missing recipe ingredient or piece of cookware, to ruin a camp meal, or worse – make it impossible to cook.

There are links below for free page-formatted printable versions of this checklist below. And the MS Word version can be edited and customized to suit your style and camping needs.

Campfire Cooking Checklist  ___

__ Confirmation Campfires Allowed on-site
__ Lighter/Waterproof “Strike-Anywhere Matches
__ Camp Shovel/Garden Hand-Trowel
__ Water Container *for emergency fire control
__ Fire-starter
__ Firewood – Tinder/Kindling/Bulk pieces
__ Charcoal  
__ Charcoal Lighter Fluid
__ Ax or Hatchet or Camp Saw
__ Camp Stove(s)
__ Camp Stove Fuel – Propane/Butane/Liquid

__ Fire Grate
__ Campfire Tripod
__ Gloves – Heavy-duty camping Gloves
__ Camping Cookware
     __ Skillet(s)          __ Griddle         __ Dutch Oven
     __ Skillet Lid         __ Pot, large     __ Pot, Small
     __ Pot Lids           __ Coffee Pot     __ Pie Iron(s) 
     __ Dutch Oven lid Lifter
     __ Spatula(s)       __ Serving Spoon(s)    __ Tongs
     __ Knife, large      __ Knife, Small           
     __ Cutting Board   __ Can/Bottle Opener   
     __ Measuring Cup(s), Measuring Spoons
     __ Basting Brush
     __ Cups  __ Bowls  __ Plates  __ Forks/Knives/Spoons
     __ Personal Mess Kit
__ Campfire Roasting Forks – (Hot Dogs/Marshmallows)
__ Tin Foil
__ Paper Towels
__ Trash Bags
__ ZipLoc Bags, (min. qt.-size freezer bags)
__ Dish Soap
__ Scouring Pad
__ Wash basin(s)
__ Water Container(s)
__ Small Rope/Cord/Baling Twine (lashings/Bear Bag)
__ 2 – 6, 2″ S-hooks (for hanging Stuff)
__ Folding Camp Table


Use these links to print this checklist: Micorsoft Word doc    or     PDF File

Notes and discussions:

Coleman Camping Campfire Fire Starters

You can make your own wax-based fire starters for outdoor camping, (and for fireplaces and deck fire pits), but fire starters like these on the right, by Coleman, are so inexpensive and easy to use that you’ll never use paper or tinder again for your campfires.
Coleman Strike-a-Fire Fire Starters

One of the most used and most appreciated pieces of campfire cooking gear is heavy-duty camp gloves. From handling hot cast iron cookware to messing with pieces of burning firewood, a good pair of camp gloves is a must-have. And this is not the place to get something cheap, you want thick, loose gloves made for just these kinds of jobs.

Campfire Cooking Gloves

Here are some samples of other campfire cooking gear you can find on Amazon. Just like the fire starters, once you have one of these camp tools you will wonder how you ever did without it. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.


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