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Campfire Checklist

Campfire Checklist

Outdoor Camping and Campfires…
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Campfire checklist

__ Confirmation open campfires are allowed at the site
__ Waterproof “Strike-Anywhere” kitchen Matches
__ Lighter
__ Shovel: or folding camp shovel, or garden hand-trowel

  • *even if you are using a fire-ring and don’t need to dig a fire pit or enclosure trench, this tool will help spread the ashes when you are putting out your fire.

__ Water Container:

  • *at least 64oz., more is better, even up to a 5-gallon bucket for large campfires. This is what you will use for fire-control emergencies and to extinguish the coals.

__ Fire Starter – commercial or home-made
__ Firewood – tinder/kindling/large wood
__ Ax or Hatchet or Camping Saw:

  • *If you have pre-cut firewood available to use, these may not be essential, (as long as your pre-cut includes tinder and kindling), but they are still very handy to have at hand around any campfire.


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Notes and discussions:
This is such a short list, that it is also included in the Campfire Cooking Checklist. You can see more checklist item details in this outdoor campfire tips post.

Coleman Camping Campfire Fire Starters

You can make your own wax-based fire starters for outdoor camping, (and for fireplaces and deck fire pits), but fire starters like these on the right, by Coleman, are so inexpensive and easy to use that you’ll never use paper or tinder again for your campfires.
Coleman Strike-a-Fire Fire Starters

Folding Camping Shovel

Once you have a folding camp shovel you will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. Like this sturdy but lightweight Coleman model that is so compact it even fits in a 10″ carry bag. Check out some of the models available:
Folding Camp Shovel

Here are some samples of camp axes, camp hatchets, and camp saws you can find on Amazon. Just like the fire starters, once you have one of these camp tools you will wonder how you ever did without it. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.

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