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Personal gear and bedding checklist

Personal Camping Gear/Bedding Checklist

Outdoor tent camping is a lot more fun when you have all the gear you thought you had. This personal camping gear and equipment checklist will make sure you don’t forget and leave something at home.

Note: This checklist includes just about everything you might need. Probably a lot more than you usually take. The free printable version in MS Word format can be edited and customized to your particular camping style. (download links below)

Personal Camping Gear and Bedding Checklist


__ Sleeping Bag w/Stuff sack *appropriate for temperature zone
__ Sleeping Pad/Air Mattress/Pump *with bands/straps for roll-up
__ Camp Pillow *optional, but nice to have
Personal Gear

__ Backpack
__ Stuff Sack for dirty laundry
__ Small Stuff Sack for small items
__ Cell phone charger
__ Flashlight
__ Headlamp
__ Extra batteries
__ Lighter/Waterproof Matches
__ Camping Knife
__ Camping Multi-Tool
__ Compass
__ Whistle
__ Canteen/Water Bottle
__ Personal Pocket First Aid Kit
__ Drinking Cup
__ Fork/Spoon
__ Toilet paper
__ Extra Shoe/Boot Laces
__ Safety Pins – 3 or 4 assorted sizes
__ Length of Cord – Nylon or Parachute cord
__ Camp Chair/Stool
__ Camp Shoes – Slip-ons
__ Fishing/Hunting/Operators License
__ Toiletries
__ Soap __ Toothpaste __ Tooth Brush
__ Shampoo __ Conditioner __ Brush/Comb
__ Razor __ Shaving Cream __ Aftershave
__ Face Cloth __ Hand towel
__ Feminine Products __ Special Needs Products
__ Shower Shoes/Flip-Flops
__ Hat
__ Sunglasses
__ Insect Repellent
__ Lip Balm
__ Sunscreen
__ Journal w/pen or pencil
__ Camera
__ extra batteries __ extra film __ extra mem. card
__ Binoculars
__ Personal activities gear (fishing/hunting/water/sports)

Micorsoft Word doc or PDF File

Notes and discussions:

Your type of camping trip will determine what items on this checklist you may need. You can see more discussion about what to take and what to leave home in the Personal Camping Gear post.

Here are some examples of some of the items mentioned:

personal first aid kit

A personal first aid kit is one of the most important pieces of individual camping gear you have.
A group camp first aid kit won’t help you if you are not in camp! But you are always prepared when you have one of your own.
Personal First Aid Kits



camping headlamp

A camping headlamp is sometimes seen as just a “gadget”, but once you experience the luxury of lighting your way while still keeping your hands free, you will be convinced it is one of the best camping gear investments you ever made!

With multiple styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one you like. Camping Headlamps

Here are a few samples of the great camping gear items you can find on Amazon. Like the headlamp, once you have one of these pieces of camping equipment you will wonder how you ever did without it. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online at Amazon.

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