Camping Tools and Accessories Checklist

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Camp Tools and Accessories Checklist

Camping checklists are an important tool to help make sure you pack everything you need, and when it comes to all the equipment and gear for your campsite – there are a lot of things that might get overlooked. Like the fuel for the camp stove, or tent stakes.

This camping tools and accessories checklist is part of a master camping checklist, and is designed to be a hand-out to the person responsible for packing this equipment and gear related to the campsite.

Links to print this checklist as a PDF document, or as an MS Word doc that can be edited and customized are included below.

Camp Tools and Accessories Checklist

General Campsite
__ Tarp for Eating/Gathering Area – (min. 6’x6′, preferred 9’x12′)
__ Rope for tarp stringing and guy-lines
__ Tarp poles
__ Stakes for tarp
__ Camp rake
__ Camp axe
__ Camp hatchet
__ Camp Saw
__ Pliers – med. to lg. pair of camp pliers
__ Camp gloves – 1 pr. leather gloves
__ Clothesline rope
__ Extra rope/cord/baling twine
__ Camp water bucket (5-gal. Pail)
__ Camp water containers – (2.5 or 5-gal plastic)
__ Camp wash basin
__ Caution tape/White cloth strips – for marking guy-lines
__ S-hooks, approx. 6 ea. 2″ s-hooks for hanging stuff
__ Assorted bungee cords
__ Boy Scout Handbook*

  • *this is a priceless addition to any camper’s gear list, (newbie or veteran), it will provide answers/how-to’s to almost any camping question you have.

__ Lanterns- Propane/Butane/Liquid fuel
__ Extra lantern mantles
__ Extra lantern fuel
__ Strike-Anywhere Kitchen matches
__ Lantern – battery powered
__ Camp Flashlight – large
__ Extra batteries
__ Table Citronella Candle
__ Trashbags
__ Paper towels
__ Toilet paper
__ Portable camp toilet
__ Camp shower unit
__ Hand sanitizer
__ Binoculars
__ Compass
__ Camping area map

Use these links to print this checklist: Micorsoft Word doc or PDF File

Notes and discussions:
Your type of camping trip will determine which of the checklist items you may need. There are more discussions about what to take and what to leave home in the Camping Gear and Accessories post.

Here are some samples of a few of the items mentioned:

Boy Scout Handbooks

A Boy Scout Handbook is one of the most helpful pieces of general camping gear you can have.

It contains easy to understand answers and how-to’s to almost any camping question. Plus, it contains plant and foliage identifications, campsite activity suggestions, survival tips, and detailed primary first aid instructions.
Boy Scout Handbook


folding camp shovel

Once you use a folding camp shovel, and discover all its uses around camp you will wonder why you didn’t include one in your camp gear sooner. This sturdy but light-weight Coleman model is so compact it even fits in a 10″ carry-bag. Here are some of the models available:
Folding Camp Shovel

Check out these great examples of camping gear items you can find on Amazon. Like the folding shovel and the headlamp, once you have these pieces of camp gear included in your list of camping equipment, you will wonder how you ever did without them. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online at Amazon.

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