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Planning A Camping Trip…

Camping Trip Planning Checklist

Check and Double-check...

Planning for your outdoor camping trip involves a lot more than just picking a date and campsite.
Too often critical decisions and details that should be considered first – are just taken for granted, which makes it too easy for simple little things to be forgotten or overlooked.

This camping checklist should be the first one you start with, and the last one in your hand as you get in the car!

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Note: This checklist follows the discussion about planning your camping trip in this Camping Tips post: Planning your Camping trip

*Links to a printer-friendly page-formatted copy of this list are included below.

Planning a Camping Trip Checklist:

__ Permits/Fees/Reservations

  • *Does your camping destination require reservations?
  • Are there extra fees for the activities you want to do?
  • Do any of your planned activities require permits?

__ Seasonal Restrictions

  • *Are there any seasonal or time restrictions on any of your planned activities?
    __ Site Access

    • Can you drive up to the site with your car/truck?
    • Access/Departure restricted by operating hours?
    • __ Water Activities
    • __ Hiking/Woodscraft facilities
    • __ Tours

    __ Facilities, Services, Resources

    • What will be available to you?
    • __ Water                   __ Electric
    • __ Bathrooms           __ Showers
    • __ Laundry                __ Fire-rings/Grills
    • __ Trash Disposal     __ Sewage
    • __ Gazebos/Pavilions/Shelters
    • __ Camp Store/Retail Store
    • __ On-site attendants
    • __ Medical

    __ Food/Cooking

    • Do you need to bring everything you will need?
    • __ Campfires allowed
    • __ Fire rings on site
    • __ Picnic grills on site
    • __ Firewood available

    __ Weather Forecast – What is typical for planned date
    __ Insect/Wildlife Issues
    __ Animal/Pet Care Arrangements

    __ Trip Meal Plans
    __ Camp Food Supply List
    __ Cooking Gear/Camp Kitchen Checklist
    __ Group Campsite Camping Gear Checklist
    __ Activities Gear Checklists
    __ Personal Gear Checklist
    __ Propane/Butane/Fuel/Battery Supplies
    __ Medications Checklist
    __ Camp Safety/First Aid Gear Checklist

    __ Inform Neighbor/Friend of Trip details

    • *where/expected return/emergency contact

    __ Permits/Reservation & Fee Confirmation in-hand
    __ All Camping Checklists Completed
    __ Final House Walk-through

    • __ No Boxes, Bags, or gear left behind
    • __ All appliances/lights turned off
    • __ Thermostats set
    • __ Doors/Windows locked

    Save/Print this camping checklist

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    Tip: Be double sure – turn your checklist into an ‘X‘ list.

    Check items when you gather them, but make that check an “X” as you actually load them. It doesn’t do any good to remember to get extra lantern mantles if you leave them on the kitchen counter when you leave.

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