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Planning an Outdoor Camping Trip

The easiest way make sure you get to enjoy your camping trip is as simple as taking the time to run through a brief camping checklist.

Whether it’s a week-end trip or a longer camping vacation, a little checklist planning can make sure you have what you need, instead of having to “make-do” because you forgot a needed piece of camping gear.

Or even worse, not being able to complete your trip because of some campsite restrictions you forgot to ask about.

*Gus is a primitive site tent camper, and that means campfires and campfire cooking! Sometimes he uses camp stoves too, but a real outdoor camping trip just has to include campfire cooking.

Once you have your date and camping destination, and an idea of the type of camping activities you want to do, start your camping trip planning by making sure you have answers to these basic questions:

Don’t panic – almost all of these questions can be answered with a simple 10-minute phone call to a camping authority in the area, (usually the campsite itself), or a little web surfing.

Planning Your Camping Trip – The first steps.

1. Are tents and open campfires allowed? Any restrictions:

  • Tent size or number of tents
  • Campfire rings provided or required
  • Can you use “fallen” firewood from the site

2. Are permits or reservations required?

  • Do you need a campsite reservation, or is it first-come availability
  • Are vehicle or campsite permits required
  • Do you need hunting/fishing/boating license
  • Do any campsite activities or facilities require reservations

3. What on-site services are available; water, electric, etc.

  • Is water, electric, trash disposal available
  • Picnic tables available
  • Available at each campsite or just central locations

4. Are there additional fees for services or activities?
5. What on-site facilities are available; bathrooms, showers, pavilions, etc.

  • Bathhouses or Porta-Potties
  • Gazebos, Group pavilions, or Open shelters
  • BBQ grills – where

6. Are there on-site attendants, first aid stations?

  • Is there a campsite office
  • Are there on-site attendants – what hours
  • Are there First-Aid or medical facilities – operating hours

7. Is there a camp store or near-by shopping resources?

  • Do you need to be totally self-supplied or can you buy stuff after you get there

8. Can you drive-up to your campsite?

  • Drive-up and unload or park and pack-in

Once you have the answers to these questions you can move on to Step 2. These questions concern information about the camp site that affects your agenda and any special camping gear requirements:

Step 2 -of Planning an Outdoor camping Trip

1. Are there any seasonal restrictions? Such as; no open fires in August, or hiking trails closed in December, or camp store and bathrooms only open June – September, and so on, you get the idea.
2. What is the typical weather in the area during your planned date?

  • Affects camping gear and activities planning

3. Are there any insect issues, like; bugs, flies, or mosquitoes?

  • Again, Affects camping gear and activities planning
  • May concern health issues

4. Are there any wildlife issues, like: bears or snakes?

  • Food storage issues like; bear bags, sealed containers
  • Campsite/Hiking personal safety issues
  • Phobias, fears, and first-aid issues

5. Are there trash disposal receptacles/facilities?

  • Do you need to plan to pack-out your trash
  • Does each tent site have trash receptacles

6. Are pets allowed?

  • Required to be on-leash
  • Restricted areas

7. Are ATVs and the like allowed?

  • Permits or operating license required
  • Restricted areas

Don’t be intimidated or over-whelmed – Just use this printed Camping Trip Planning Checklist to track your progress.

Your outdoor camping trip is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, not one you suffer through, struggling to survive until time to leave. You can help ensure you have an enjoyable camp outing by preparing your camping gear and activities plans based on the information you have now.

Just picture yourself lazing around camp after enjoying your favorite campfire recipe cooked in that cast iron Dutch oven your grandfather gave you.

Planning an easy Camp Meals Menu: The next step is to think about the camp food and cooking:

Use these individual “Camping Checklists” for all your personal gear and camping equipment

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These camping tips are simple and basic, but you would be surprised how many campers don’t think of them.

Here are some samples of camping and campsite gear you can use with your camping and cast iron cooking recipes. Once you have any of these camp tools you will wonder how you ever did without them. Especially when you see how inexpensive they are when you buy them online.

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